In light of the fact that Anthony Brown has finally deigned to debate Larry Hogan, I thought it would be fitting to share the article I wrote for the one of the more recent issues of the Montgomery County GOP newsletter that focused on the ridiculous nature of one of Brown’s more recent ads in his increasingly negative and desperate campaign to claim the seat he thinks is his for the taking.

I’ll dedicate more to him specifically down the road. The entire newsletter is well worth a read, but here are my thoughts on Brown’s flailing campaign, that even The Washington Post puts within the single digits over Hogan.


Anthony Brown and the national Democrats are running scared.

I get why he thought that the general election was going to be a “molehill.” I really do. After his coronation in the Democratic primary, he thought he wouldn’t even have to campaign for the general. This is Maryland, after all, where Democrats have a 2-1 voter registration advantage over Republicans.

What he hasn’t counted on is that Marylanders really aren’t too satisfied with his record. Maybe that’s why 47% of Marylanders would leave the state if they have the chance. Maybe that’s why Beretta announced it’s relocating after decades of job creation. Maybe that’s why even McCormick, the maker of the legendary Old Bay seasoning, might be closing up shop here as well. You’d think he could take a hint.

None of this reflects well on the current administration, and all of it combines to show exactly why Marylanders are fed up with what we’re seeing in Annapolis.

When I saw that the governor’s race is now a dead heat, I wished it were true and resolved to work even harder to make sure that it becomes a reality. After all, the poll was commissioned by the Maryland Republican Party, and all partisan polls are to be taken with a grain of salt (or Old Bay). That said, has a stellar analysis of how this poll is actually more reliable than other, supposedly “nonpartisan” ones that have been released recently.

However, I couldn’t have been happier to see that Democrats are reserving hundreds of thousands of dollars in airtime, because it’s a lose-lose for them. It shows that Brown is infinitely more vulnerable than they want to admit (why waste the money if this is a simple molehill?) and given that they will necessarily go negative against Hogan (it’s not like anything in Brown’s tenure as Lieutenant Governor is fodder for positive ads), they will be doing our work for us in boosting his name recognition statewide.

Now how can this be a good thing? Look no further than to our southern border, where Eric Cantor ran attack ads slamming his opponent. On the surface this is a sound strategy, except that when voters realized they had a choice…well, we know how that ended.

Once Marylanders realize they have a choice this November, I think that Brown and his allies will be surprised that they aren’t too happy with the direction he wants to take us.

After Election Day, Anthony Brown might be wondering what went so wrong. Maybe it’s that Marylanders want their vote to matter. When enough Marylanders realize that their votes truly do matter, Anthony Brown is going to have a mountain on his hands.

Anthony Brown might be convinced that Maryland voters are nothing more than a "molehill," but Marylanders are too smart to buy his lies. This stellar graphic is from Change Maryland.
Anthony Brown might be convinced that Maryland voters are nothing more than a “molehill,” but Marylanders are too smart to buy his lies. This stellar graphic is from Change Maryland.