The Republican Governor’s Association has finally announced that it’s going to be spending big in Maryland, and it’s not a second too soon. They’re going to spend half a million dollars on a new ad that takes Brown to task for his failed record during the past 8 years, hiking taxes on everything from license plates to, of course, the rain.

All this time it’s struck me as obvious that Maryland is an ideal place for them to be spending money given that their Democratic counterpart has had the airwaves to itself for far too long.

Despite RGA Chairman Chris Christie’s record breaking fundraising, there doesn’t seem to be enough to spend more in Maryland.

Where can we find more money? The answer is strikingly simple, and all we have to do is look north.

The RGA has spent $5.8 million trying to prop up Republican Governor Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania.

I’m not going to disparage Corbett’s record, as I think he has done a pretty good job and merits reelection, but it’s impossible to deny that he has absolutely no chance to be reelected.

The RealClearPolitics average has Corbett down by 11 (!!) points with just a few days to go until the election. For whatever reason (and there are plenty), voters aren’t sold on voting for him, and it’s naive to think that a few days are going to change that.

Consider that Larry Hogan is actually keeping Maryland’s governor’s race closer than an incumbent Republican in Pennsylvania. The RCP average of Maryland also shows Hogan down by 11, but it also includes a widely discredited poll that shows Brown up by 17.

Corbett has been considered America’s most vulnerable governor by just about everyone for pretty much the entire election cycle, yet we are still spending money to try to close a race that is impossible for us to win.

Of course, we have history on our side. Pennsylvania hasn’t dumped an incumbent governor in decades, but this year is poised to break that record.

Republicans spending any money here is the equivalent of Democrats trying to contest the Montana senate race at this point (that is to say, it’s impossible). There’s a reason Democrats have given up on their anarchist senate nominee, and that’s because she won’t win.

We have a finite amount of money in the final days of this election cycle, and it’s worth focusing our efforts on where we can win. For Marylanders, it’s time to wish our friends in the Keystone State the best of luck and have national groups spend their money on a race they can win.

A huge amount of Brown supporters are willing to change their minds before casting their ballots, and it’s worth us targeting them until the cows come home.

Election Day is going to be a great day for Republicans, and it’s worth doing everything we can to show that our message resonates even in the bluest of states, even if it means recognizing the sad fact that it means abandoning our friends north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

All eyes are finally turning to Maryland.
All eyes are finally turning to Maryland.