Donald Trump has said many things during this election, and fact checking him has proved to be most difficult. However, I have been tracking the progress of his most recent lie, which has been that he would release the list of speakers at the Republican National Convention, which is in under a week.

Normally, this would not necessarily be a big deal. However, the fact that all of the recent Republican presidents and presidential nominees will not be at the RNC, as well as Trump’s insistence that he will release the speakers list, poses a serious problem to stemming the doubts that people have. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Ted Cruz have all been recently confirmed as speakers, but I have spent days looking for the release that Trump has guaranteed us, all to no avail. However, Marco Rubio, John Kasich (remember that the convention is being held in his own state!), Condoleezza Rice, and others have announced that they will be skipping it. 

Trump has been promising this list for days:

And again:

So while it would be tempting to say that Trump’s speaker list is as blank as a sheet of paper, that’s obviously not exactly the case. However, after seeing him squander the news cycles after the FBI decided to not indict Hillary by praising Saddam Hussein and insulting Republican Senators to their faces, it’s no wonder that this promises to be a convention with the shallowest bench of speakers in recent memory. It makes sense that Senator Ben Sasse has announced that he will be spending the RNC taking his kids around Nebraska watching dumpster fires (prompting a terrific article defending dumpster fires).

It also makes sense that some of the first speakers announced were none other than Trump’s own children (minus, of course his ten year old son), two of whom couldn’t even vote for him because they aren’t Republicans.

It’s only a matter of time before the speaker list finally has to be released, and who knows who will be speaking (it might feature the first Alaskan keynote since Sarah Palin)? All we do know is that, once again, Trump is lying.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.08.50 PM.png
An inside look at Trump trying to corral speakers for the RNC. Image via Twitter.