On the third day of the RNC, Mike Pence was supposed to accept his nomination as Vice President without a hitch. However, Ted Cruz decided to throw a wrench in those plans.


By now, everyone knows that Cruz took center stage and delivered a speech that was far longer than expected that culminated without an endorsement for Donald Trump. There have been two categories of responses to Cruz’s speech: love and hate.

Those who love the speech see in it the same tendency to defy others that previously led to a government shutdown. Additionally, Cruz is coming to the aid of his wife and father, both of whom Trump viciously attacked over the course of the campaign. Since the speech, Cruz has stated that he refuses to endorse Trump like a “servile puppy.”

Those who hate Cruz’s speech view it as self-promotion, and a way to rain on the Trump Parade.

I don’t want to dwell on the speech’s immediate aftermath, because it has already overshadowed Pence’s speech. Instead, I want to turn to 2018.

2016’s battle for the Senate is far from over, but 2018 already has its first potential match up. Cruz’s speech made two people so angry that they are already looking for a primary challenger for Cruz’s reelection. Those two people are none other than “renegade GOP operative Roger Stone said he and Infowars founder Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist.” If that doesn’t strike fear in the heart of Cruz, I don’t know what will.

Stone is a political operative who only reclaimed relevance with Trump’s rise. In fact, Stone was heavily involved in Trump’s 2000 presidential flirtings as well. Jones (who had previously endorsed Rand Paul) has advocated some absolutely insane ideas, such as that Harry Reid was behind a false flag attack on police officers in Las Vegas, that food packing materials turn people gay, and more.

The Stone and Jones duo were also in the news today for a confrontation between them and The Young Turks, although little is known more than that they were “looking for trouble,” and I am sure that more details will emerge in the days to come.

The fact that Stone and Jones have teamed up to find a primary against Cruz is astonishing. However, the candidate they floated were almost as interesting as this team to begin with. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick was mentioned as a possible challenger to Cruz, although he did not express any interest at the moment.

Taking a step back, remember that this story is being written before the 2016 election is over, and probably will not impact Cruz’s future in any way, shape, or form. However, it is interesting to see an alliance being formed between Jones and Stone, who clearly will not be forgiving Cruz for a long time. However, I highly doubt that a candidate fielded by a fringe conspiracy theorist and someone whose loyalty is to Trump (and no one else) will have any impact.

This probably will not have any impact at all. Cruz’s victory over Trump in the Texas primary shows just how popular he is among primary voters there. If Trump himself can’t topple Cruz in a Republican primary in Texas, how could whoever gets the Jones-Stone seal of approval?