The Democrats have seen quite a lot of booing at the Democratic National Convention, as well as the resignation of the Chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. All of these incidents definitely raise questions about Democratic unity, but I think another question is being ignored: where are Hillary Clinton’s primary rivals?

At the RNC, several of Donald Trump’s rivals were out of town (and Ted Cruz famously rained all over his parade). But what about the DNC?

Bernie Sanders was of course given a prime time slot, but it was only a few months ago that Democrats Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee were also running for President (I know, it actually feels like years). So, where are they now?

Where are these other three candidates now? Image via CNN.
Where are these other three candidates now? Image via CNN.

Martin O’Malley:

O’Malley will actually be making one of his first major public appearances by speaking at the DNC on Wednesday. Back in the day, he used to be Mayor of Baltimore, and the current Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake failed to even gavel in the convention properly.

O’Malley has been mentioned as a possible Chair of the DNC by his allies for several months, but it looks unlikely that he will fill that role after the election, given the low profile that he has been playing since withdrawing from the race several months ago.

Jim Webb:

Webb famously got more press coverage leaving the race than he did for basically his entire time in the race. There was some speculation that he would mount a third party bid that could potentially put Virginia’s outcome in even more doubt (since he was their Senator for 6 years), but Hillary Clinton’s selection of current Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate all but ensured that even a hypothetical Webb candidacy would have been irrelevant. Additionally, it makes sense that Webb is nowhere to be found at the DNC because he has already said that he would rather vote for Trump than Hillary (but that isn’t stopping Susan Sarandon from being at the DNC, so anything is possible).

Lincoln Chafee:

In the same way that Chafee had no impact on the presidential race, he has received no coverage about where he will be during the DNC.

With all of the coverage about the DNC, it’s worth remembering where these three candidates are: present, endorsing the other side, and who even knows?