By now, it is no secret that the Trump family makes the most of its Twitter presence. However, in the midst of the coverage of the Democratic National Convention, something struck me as particularly odd, even for a Trump tweet, and this time it did not come from Donald Trump. Instead, it came from his son Eric.

The DNC has had no shortage of drama, and one common theme that is constantly pointed out has had to do with flags. On the one hand, many have observed a lack of American flags. On the other hand, many have observed a Palestinian flag being flown by a member of the audience. And on an even more absurd note, we are now seeing an Israeli flag being burned outside of the DNC.

One of the people to observe the lack of American flags is Eric Trump, who tweeted the following:

I did not watch Eric’s RNC speech, but I don’t think that it is a coincidence that New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is in the background. Gillibrand is up for reelection in 2018, which gives Trump plenty of time to test the waters before deciding whether to throw his hat in the ring. All of the Trump children gave speeches that were fairly well received, leading to a fair amount of speculation as to whether or not they will themselves run for office down the road.

Does Eric Trump have his sights set on the Senate? We'll know soon enough. Image via ABC.
Does Eric Trump have his sights set on the Senate? We’ll know soon enough. Image via ABC.

Of course the fact that Eric wasn’t able to vote for his father in this cycle’s New York primary doesn’t bode too well for a potential campaign of his own, but as we have seen from this cycle, anything is possible.