The 2016 presidential campaign has seen social media play a role more than it ever has before. In 2012, it would have been unheard of having a presidential candidate advertise across Iowa before the caucus, or for a senate candidate mock their opponent on the eve of winning the primary.

Twitter has been around since 2006, but it has played a more important role than ever in this campaign. Donald Trump’s Twitter usage is such a feature of this cycle that there have been stories about the people he has retweeted, the breaks he takes from tweeting, when he quotes Mussolini, and far more.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton’s Twitter has been criticized for posting an image with Rosa Parks on the back of a bus, and users mocked her campaign for its attempt to compare Clinton to an abuela. However, it has also received a lot of praise for its fairly frequent trolling of Trump, including its famous “delete your account” tweet.

While Trump spends every waking hour obsessing over his Twitter presence, Clinton herself almost assuredly does none of her account’s tweeting. Given that an entire laptop full of Clinton’s emails was lost in the mail, I’m not sure that her Twitter account is too secure in her possession either. To make matters worse, the fact that 13 of her devices were destroyed by her own aides also makes it tough for her to do her own tweeting.

With all of this attention given to Twitter, it’s only natural for people to wonder whether their tweeting habits are more like Clinton’s social media team or like Trump’s late night Twitter musings. The answer to that question has arrived! Caspy has designed a website that analyzes your last 15 tweets, and runs them against tweets, speeches, and interviews that Clinton and Trump have on the record, as well as statements that their fans have said, and tells you who you sound like yourself.

Do you tweet like Clinton or Trump? Use this tool to see how others match up! Image via
Do you tweet like Clinton or Trump? Use this tool to see how others match up! Image via

Give it a try here! I ran through some interesting pairings and these are the results that I found.

  • Hillary Clinton is 0% Trump
  • Trump is 100% Trump
  • Barack Obama is 5% Trump
  • Ben Carson is 45% Trump
  • The New York Times is 45% Trump
  • The Wall Street Journal is 63% Trump
  • Kanye West is 33% Trump
  • Kid Rock is 85% Trump
  • Jill Stein is 58% Trump
  • Gary Johnson is 80% Trump
  • Evan McMullin is 14% Trump

I thought that these would be interesting comparisons. Where do you match up on this scale? Who else is interesting to compare to Trump and Clinton?