Updated to reflect further errors in spelling.

The Trump family’s struggles with words continues. First, Donald copied Make America Great Again from Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, then Melania stole entire paragraphs from Michelle Obama’s DNC speech at the RNC, and then Ivanka attributed a quote said by Rabbi Hillel to Emma Watson.

Donald Trump frequently claims that he only hires the best people. That claim has many flaws in it, given how poorly his campaign is being run on multiple levels, but now The Trump Hotel in DC is having problems of its own. The Trump Hotel’s restaurant, BLT Prime sounds quite luxurious.

Prices show the hotel’s high-end aspirations. Cocktails are $18-$21, with bases like mezcal and Japanese whiskey (plenty of gins and bourbons are available). Wines by the glass run $12 to $28, while a glass of 2007 Cristal will cost $150. The two mocktails on the menu rival prices of many non-virgin versions in town, coming in at $12 for the “Statue” (agave, mint, ginger and soda water).

A rolling pastry cart filled with flake croissants and jams weaves throughout the bar area during morning hours. A happy hour brings several $5 food spreads served on grilled country bread. Also available, $16 “hipster fries,” candied bacon and pastrami salmon carpaccio. The $120 Trump Tower is a medley of lobster, oysters, clams, shrimp, and blue crab cocktail.

The building itself certainly looks incredible, but a closer look at Benjamin Bar and Lounge’s menu shows a few problems. Two of its cheeses, the brilliant savarin and cabbot cheddar are either so rare that no other place on earth serves them, or they are simply spelling errors. A brief Google search confirms that the soft opening of this restaurant featured names of dishes that were not quite ready for prime time. Cabot cheddar and Brillat-Savarin are the two kinds of cheese that the menu is presumably referring to. I have no idea where Cabbot comes from, but presumably Brilliant was an autocorrect. Additionally, Mary goats round should be Merry Goat Round. Personally, I never would have noticed this, but people on Twitter have already been pointing it out.

Are these cheese names brilliant marketing tools or oversights? You decide. Image via Washington DC Eater.
Are these cheese names brilliant marketing tools or oversights? You decide. Image via Washington DC Eater.

But wait, there’s more!

The wine selection has errors of its own. Willett bourbon is misspelled (and given the polling struggles Trump has in Kentucky, this is even more unfortunate for him), as are suntory toki Japanese whisky and Don Amado Mezcal.

The drinks menu. Image via Twitter.com/tedfrank
The drinks menu. Image via Twitter.com/tedfrank

And if spelling errors weren’t enough bad news, the veteran’s discount is allegedly just free wifi. This does fit in with how Trump spent months bragging about donating to veterans on the campaign trail but only actually cut the check when journalists looked into the claim.

If Trump’s soft opening of a restaurant can’t be flawless, one has to wonder what that means for his campaign.