Updated with video and email attached at the end.

For the most part, protests on college campuses involve just college students. It must take a very special person to trigger an entire faculty department to plan an organized walk out.

Charles Murray, who first articulated the concept of the bell curve, spoke at Princeton University today.

Murray was invited to speak as part of the Future of Capitalism speaker series, and his speech was entitled ‘This Time Really Is Different’: Coming to Grips With the Coming Job Crisis.

In response to his presence on campus, Princeton faculty apparently had a complete meltdown. The Department of Anthropology seems to be the ringleader, staging an organized walkout of the event. They additionally postponed a faculty meeting to allow for faculty to protest. The Anthropology Chair was also apparently asking students who arrived to hear the event “are you here for the protest?”

However, they were far from alone. An English class apparently ended early so students could attend the protest as well.

Anthropology professors were handing out the following flyer urging the walkout.


After Murray’s biography was read, the faculty left the room.

When faculty protesters begin to resemble student protesters, there is probably a much deeper problem. It remains to be seen what action, if any, Princeton will take in response to this.

In the meantime, the lesson in the short term seems to be be careful what you wish for if you are a conservative speaker on a college campus. The faculty might now join the students in protesting.

Here is a video of the walkout:

This is an email, sent to me in part of a longer email chain, that seems to have been authored by Carolyn Rouse, the professor leading the walkout.