A few days ago I wrote about why Democrats should rejoice at Donald Trump’s selection of Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke to lead the Department of Interior. Simply put, this selection takes a top-tier opponent of Democratic Senator Jon Tester out of contention. Republicans should rejoice because Zinke is a fantastic candidate to lead the Interior Department.

Now, all Americans have a reason to rejoice at Zinke’s selection.

A holiday card like no other.
A holiday card like no other.

Zinke ran for Lieutenant Governor of Montana in 2012, and while he wasn’t successful, that campaign led to what may be the most American New Year’s card I have seen in a long time.

Zinke and his running mate, Neil Livingstone, sent a holiday card that almost defies words. On it, the two are riding a sleigh with Osama bin Laden crossed out, a sack carrying “jobs,” an oil derrick, a Christmas tree, and a fishing pole. Zinke is dressed like Captain America and is equipped with the firepower to match it.