Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is doing all she can to capitalize on the confirmation hearings of President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees. However, her strict partisanship doesn’t seem to be polling well at home, with almost half of Massachusetts voters wanting to “give someone else a chance” to represent them in the Senate, according to a new WBUR poll.

Elizabeth Warren can't be happy with her latest poll numbers. Image via Huffington Post.
Elizabeth Warren can’t be happy with her latest poll numbers. Image via Huffington Post.

Fully 46% of voters want to give a different candidate a shot in the 2018 election, even though Warren’s approval rating is 51%. 44% of voters think that she “deserves reelection.” Contrast her numbers with those of Republican Governor Charlie Baker: 59% approval, 51% “deserves reelection,” and 29% for “give someone else a chance.” Massachusetts political observers place a lot of weight on the fact that Baker’s approval is bipartisan–60% of Democrats approve of his time as governor, whereas only 12% of Republicans approve of Warren’s time in the Senate.

The good news for Warren is that she can have abysmal approval ratings and still coast to reelection if she doesn’t have a quality opponent running against her. Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is weighing a run against Warren (Tufts University political scientist Jeff Berry predicts would lead to a scenario where “money is going to rain down” on Warren), but until she has an opponent these poll numbers might not even matter.

Likewise, it remains to be seen who Governor Baker’s opponent will be in the 2018 election, but Democrats might have a fractured primary that gives him more time to prepare.

Keep your eyes on the Bay State, because its elections could have some serious surprises in store in 2018.