If you thought the days of hearing about losing presidential candidates running for office were over, think again. First came the rumors of Hillary Clinton running for Mayor of New York City, and now Mitt Romney has said that “All doors are open” for his political future in Utah.

Romney 2018?
Romney 2018?

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has been in the Senate since 1976, and he said in his last campaign that he would retire at the end of his current term, but he has been making some noise about running for an eighth term.

To make matters even more interesting, at least one other former presidential candidate is openly considering a Senate run. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who ran against Romney for the Republican nomination in 2012, has also confirmed that he is considering another bid for statewide office in Utah, which could put him squarely against Romney once again (Huntsman has already seen some polling that is very favorable for him). There is also suspicion that Evan McMullin, another former presidential candidate, is considering a Senate bid.

Utah is poised to receive an incredible amount of national attention, and this news might explain why Romney also recently said that President Donald Trump is off to a “strong start.” It remains to be seen whether Romney will go through with his Senate campaign, but this news means that Hatch is going to have to decide whether he will run once again sooner rather than later, because people like Romney and Huntsman would probably rather enter the race on the earlier side to try and clear the field.