For a constellation of far left groups at Columbia University, it’s that time of year: the laughably-named Israel Apartheid Week. This is of course a pathetic attempt to deceive the public who doesn’t know what “apartheid” means. Kenneth Meshoe is a South African Member of Parliament who suffered under apartheid there, and he clearly explains how this term is completely incorrect and misleading.

Back to Columbia. This is a campus where Israel’s Ambassador to the UN was disrupted, but where students were silent when Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, spoke on campus.

“Apartheid” Week kicks off with an event simply called “Zionists are Racists.” The basic lack of information its organizers have is clear from simply reading the event’s description.

In November, 1975 the United Nations passed the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, a resolution that declared “Zionism is Racism.” With the support of newly liberated African nations, the bill recognized the supremacist ideology of the Israeli nation-state that had predicated its settler colony upon racial apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

The errors manifest themselves from the outset. To begin with, it is a basic fact of international law that the General Assembly is both hopelessly biased against Israel and lacks any power to do anything. Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon even admitted as much in his final briefing to the Security Council, as I wrote about previously. Israel’s former UN Ambassador, Ron Prosor, memorably told the General Assembly that “time and again, the Palestinians use and abuse the U.N. The sad part is that you – you in this chamber – allow them to get away with it. This assembly would vote to declare that the earth is flat if the Palestinians proposed it.”

Resolution 3379 was passed on the 37th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and this event description of course neglects to mention that even if it did have any power, that said power would have been gone since 1991, when the resolution was repealed by the General Assembly. In 1991, the resolution’s opponents “argued that Resolution 3379 was out of date because it was a product of the cold war, pushed forward by the old Soviet Union and embraced by a militant third-world nations that saw the United Nations as a forum for attacking capitalism and propounding a new economic order that would redistribute wealth from rich to poor.” Like the Soviet Union, it was consigned to the ash heap of history.

Another laughable error in the event’s description is that Resolution shifts from being a “resolution” to a “bill” within 15 words! This could be a deliberate attempt to convince readers that it had any weight whatsoever, or the result of complete stupidity. Either way, not something to be proud of.

Finally, the event is supposed to focus on the perspective of South Africans, but Meshoe summed it up best: “most South Africans love Israel.”