Northwestern University’s College Republicans invited conservative columnist Ben Shapiro to speak on campus on May 24th, and it seems that protesters are already kicking into high gear with a new way of protesting Shapiro.

I was just in Wisconsin yesterday, testifying in their legislature about the importance of free expression on campus (you can sign onto our Statement of Principles here), and Shapiro’s event at UW-Madison was discussed at great length. However, this protest might be a little…smellier.

A public event, entitled “I Will SHIT my PANTS at BEN Shapiro” was created. The event is self-explanatory, but here is the event description in any case:

College Republicans is bringing Ben Shapiro to campus:


For those who aren’t in the know, Ben Shapiro has said that structural barriers to wealth do not exist and that if you’re poor it’s your own fault, that identifying as trans is a “mental illness”, and has generally devoted his career to promoting bullshit intellectual conservatisim until his literal nazi fan base starting sending him holocaust memes.


He’s coming to promote a set of policies that will result in the death and suffering of people whose death and suffering he likes to pretend never occurred.


I am going to shit my pants at this event.


Join in.

This event may be entirely satirical (after all, it can’t even spell “conservatism” correctly), but it is hard to tell at this point. Hundreds of demonstrators recently mooned the Trump Tower in Chicago in an attempt to force President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, and a student at the University of Chicago threatened to “projectile vomit” on Sean Spicer.


I’m planning on attending the Shapiro event, and will keep everyone posted on whether it gets…smelly in there.