I’ve spent a lot of time documenting the insanity that occurs on college campuses. Students shut down a class at Northwestern, assaulted a professor at Middlebury, and protesters tried and failed to shut down Corey Lewandowski at the University of Chicago.

The question that all of these students beg is: how did we get here? Is it possible that some of the craziest ideas on college campuses are manifested in high schools across the country?
Unfortunately, the answer seems to be yes, and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School seems to be one of the most egregious in the country.

Let’s look at some of the events from this past year.

Changing Education Programs after Election Day

Across the country, some schools cancelled classes weeks before Election Day even happened, and after Donald Trump won, “a professor at University of Michigan postponed an exam after too many students complained about their ‘very serious’ stress. Columbia University postponed midterms, a Yale University professor made an exam optional, a University of Iowa professor canceled classes and a University of Connecticut professor excused class absences.”

At Fieldston, the school’s administration “decided to change tomorrow’s MAD [Modified Awareness Day; this term is certainly a microaggression] program to better meet the post-election needs of students and faculty. The planned assembly and break-out sessions related to the summer will not take place.”

Fieldston additionally emailed students to inform them that they would not cancel class for students to watch President Trump’s inauguration, but this is at least in line with previous policies which only made an exception for President Barack Obama’s first inauguration.

Racial Affinity Groups
Fieldston divides students by races to place them in affinity groups based on five categories: African-American/Black, Asian & Pacific Islander, Latina/Latino, Multiracial and White. The justification for doing so is due to “our country’s history of segregation and racism, some of us might feel uncomfortable being in a group based on racial affinity. We often find ourselves in racial affinity groups, but the setting feels different when the conversation is about race. Separating a racially diverse group of people into groups based on race can feel like a step backward.” Additionally, “racial affinity groups give us a safe space to reconstruct our racial identities as positive, aware, and antiracist. Affinity groups do not take the place of cross-cultural/cross-racial dialogues, but rather serve to enhance and support positive, healthy communication and interactions.”


At one point, intersectionality was solely the domain of the most radical college campuses. This ideology is the driving force behind events such as how a protest at Northwestern against Trump’s initial travel ban morphed into an attack on Israel. One of this year’s Fieldston Awareness Days was spent dedicated to teaching students all about intersectionality and how these conversations are “an integral part of our curriculum.”

Changing Color War

Fieldston has traditionally hosted a Color War, where the seniors break up into groups and play sports. This year, they were “not allowed to call it color war because war is bad and it will create a violent mindset that incites or promotes violence.” The name was instead changed to Field Day.

Definition of Age

The school’s publicly listed diversity materials state that “age is simply how old you are–but age can also mark a level of experience and wisdom, but it also may not.”

We spend a lot of time in shock about events that occur on college campuses, but it is important to realize that students don’t just show up on campus magically indoctrinated in Social Justice Warrior ideology. It has to start somewhere, and high schools like Fieldston are clearly some of the breeding grounds for this across the country.

If your high school (or college) has problems such as these, please contact me to let me know about them. I’ll be writing at Campus Reform a lot next year, so definitely keep me posted on what’s going on on campuses around the country!